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The Lift Heavy Sh*t Playlist You Need to Power Your Weight Lifting Sessions

If you need heart-pumping music to get that final rep in or up your squat rack by 5 pounds, we have just the playlist for you. Dial up your Spotify and listen to a great mix filled with favorites such as Kanye West, Major Lazer and DJ Snake.


CrossFit Music can be kind of tricky, but Cody is a big fan of CrossFit, and a big fan of workout music. So of course, a CrossFit Music Playlist is a necessity if Cody's going to …

Want To Get In Shape? Here's Some Tips


Top 15 Pandora Stations to Energize Your Next Workout

Good music is a MUST when I'm working out--and Pandora make it easy. These are the 15 Top Pandora Stations to Energize Your Next Workout!


Ideas for spin class; possibly some for my running play list and some for the trash! -------->


The best secret Pandora stations for working out!!

These station's really surprised me. The only one I can add is my personal fav-the station for running music! Check these out to change it up a bit....because we all need that in marathon training ...


25 of the best workout songs of 2016! Keep the beat as high as your heart rate - follow along free on Spotify! From