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Mabey then you'll see, What you have done to me, With all the scars and broken hearts, Now I see why you left me, I'll never be perfect, No one is, But I still cry and wish to die, I'm just not worth it. But couldn't you stay? And not depart? But now I see trying to love you, Is just your game to play, It's like chasing the stars. #anime

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I've been suicidal for months so I turned to music and it's been helping. One day I lose it and run into my room on the third floor or attic of my parents house.I send my best friend a text -Goodbye (y/n) and hit send. I walk over to the window and open it and plan to jump until I hear your voice and I turn around tears rolling down my face. "I'm so sorry," I say about to let go of the window frame.

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awakening Drawing by LOUI JOVER

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I like the emotion and the everything gray but the tears are blue really shows how sad this anime really is but I like it. not in a mean way or anything. It's just a beautiful piece of art

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5 Scientifically-Backed Ways Hating Your Job Can Hurt Your Health

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