if you don't have the mental capacity to be that obsessed about what you're trying to get...then motherfucker you ain't never gonna have it! ~ CT Fletcher

Indoor Cycling Bike by L NOW & Fitness - LD-582

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you have to train them like any other muscle group! Try this ab workout for the best results of your

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Don’t worry, be happy (15 photos)

Ross Enamait- Why CT Fletcher is the best thing to hit the fitness world in years.

CT is the man for motivation and no excuses! On the floor past out from squats "its still your set" -CT

[Video] CT Fletcher - Motivation https://youtu.be/B_3pHAhhdM0

CT FLETCHER - MOTIVATION "My experiences have taught me that no matter how grave the situation may be your WILL and Faith can sustain you.

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