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Cuban Missle Crisis - 50 years ago this month. Thirteen days on the brink of WWIII.

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JFK'S "CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS" SPEECH (10/22/62) (COMPLETE AND UNCUT) ... This high-quality version of President Kennedy's 10/22/62 Cuban Missile Crisis speech is somewhat rare, because it is complete and unedited. Usually only sma...

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The Cuban Missile Crisis had a big impact on our city. We lived a little over 100 miles from Cuba. Our school had bomb drills everyday. We had anti-communism rallies on week-ends. Nobody wore red and if you did, the kids made fun of you. The Cuban refugees started pouring into Miami with dreams of being able to return to their beautiful island homeland.

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Cuban Missile Crisis in the New York Times, October 1962 des de entonces tienen un enorme bloqueo

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Cuban+Missile+Crisis+Headlines | Image Credit: The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

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Map used during the secret meetings on the Cuban Missile Crisis - shows the full range of the missiles being made in Cuba (October, 1962)

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JFK Cuban Missle Crisis--- "The Missles Of October"---JFK---"...They Blinked First..."---1962

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Those of you who remember the "hottest" days of the Cold War (Cuban Missile Crisis, Brezhnev's Fight with Imperialism, etc) will know more about gas masks than the modern generation.

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13 Days Cold War Cuban Missile Crisis MINI BUNDLE US History

This is a great lesson that I use with my US History class. I start with the PowerPoint that takes 3 days to go through to introduce the Cold War unit. ( See below) Following the completion of the PowerPoint I begin teaching some of the Stanford University lessons on the Cold War.

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