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Quadratic and Cubic Functions

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Graphs - Drawing and sketching cubic functions - GCSE Maths 9-1

Writing Cubic Function from real roots (4 MODELS Graphic Organizer) - EDITABLE

Writing Cubic Function from real roots (4 MODELS Graphic O

Quadratic and Cubic Functions

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Thanks to Fawn, my students actually cared about making the maximum sized box out of their 8.5"x10" piece of graph paper. If you don't do this, you should! It was very easy and great fun! You wi...

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Cubic Functions Matching

Cubic Functions Matching is an interactive and hands on way for students to practice finding roots of cubic functions to identify key features of the graph. Students match each cubic function card to its zeros card and graph card. This activity can be used in a variety of ways including as an interactive notebook page, class pairs activity, homework assignment, or individual assessment of student understanding.

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This applet allows for students to discover how the parameters "a", "h", and "k" affect the graphs and equations of 4 key parent functions: The parent quadratic function The parent cubic function The parent absolute value function The parent square root function The LOCATION OF THE SLIDERS are INTENTIONALLY PLACED to help students make more meaningful connections. Key guiding questions are located underneath the applet.

Algebra 2-PreCalculus: Graphing Radical Functions Match-Up Activity

A fun activity made to reinforce graphing radical functions, graphing cubic functions, finding inverses of radical functions and inverses of cu...

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