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Cuck Meaning

A cuck, short for “Cuckold” is a man who enjoys watching another man having sex with his wife, or at least that’s what it used to mean before the Internet took hold of it. The original meaning comes from the Cuckoo bird, famous for using other bird’s nests to lay its eggs. More than 120 …


"How are you gonna do it?!? What magic wand do you have?" --King Cuck Obama in regards to Trump's promise to keep Carrier in the US. Nobody and I mean nobody gets BTFO like Obama. CHEW SOAP CHEW SOAP CHEW SOAP!!

'Silicon Valley' actors recount run-in with Trump supporters - CNET Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech thats taken over our lives. Enlarge Image Middleditch and Nanjiani. Cucks allegedly. Photo by FilmMagic/Getty Images In the days since the election tensions have been high not least racial tensions. The Southern Poverty Law Center has counted more than 200 incidents…

The Fashion Minimalist Lookbook

Minimalism in fashion is all about achieving a pared-down and simple look with easy to digest color pallets and beautiful silhouettes. Minimalist fashion is all about different garments complimenting each other and achieving a tasteful flow without too much distraction taking away from the outfit. This means no loud statement pieces or crazy color combinations. …


Cuckolded New York Magazine Writer Thinks He Discovered the Meaning of Feminism - The Rush Limbaugh Show

'Cuck,' 'snowflake,' 'masculinist': A guide to the language of the 'alt-right'

Guide to alt-right terms and their meaning. This makes identifying and dealing effectively with alt-right people more possible.


Why is that? He got in trouble with Fox News because he was trying to get people to raise money. But nooo he can't because he's a "con artist"


A Complete House Cleaning Checklist for Maid

This site has a House Cleaning Checklist for Maid - would also be helpful as a checklist for your own house!