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Carrie Fisher you will be forever love and remembered! Love u ❤️

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Everyday is like a burger

Everyday is like a burger

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Banana Cue

BANANA CUE~ 1 large bunch Saba bananas (15-20), 1 cup brown sugar, oil for frying, kabob sticks.

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Remus then proceeding to fall on the floor under Sirius's weight and start cursing violently. James and Peter are nearby laughing hysterically and Sirius is too busy clinging to Remus to care.

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✖ Pinterest: @KitsuneSpirit7 ✖ Cece (@kila_liz) | Twitter

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Teaching Elaboration in Writing

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Obviously this isn't exactly how it goes, but the Republican party definitely has a pattern of "standing up" for one group for the sole purpose of attacking another group. Whether its voters recognize that or not.

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