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2016 Cultural and Creative Industry Development Center on Behance

2016 Cultural and Creative Industry Development Center on Behance

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Billie and Gerard are such amazing people! Bieber needs to quit the music industry and do us all a favor... There are no words to express how amazingly awesome Gerard and Billie are!

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Jack Daniels whiskey. Is it true or not?

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Why can't I shake the feeling @realDonaldTrump's inauguration signals the start of the biggest disasters in world history? Oh, yeah. Nevermind...

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Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer (1944) The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

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Rich, educated westerners could be skewing social science studies

The vast majority of psychological studies recruit test subjects who are Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic – or "WEIRD." Which is... well, weird, given that these people represent a very small segment of the global human population, from a cultural standpoint. Reasons why psychometric testing is just bullshit.

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More than ONE full YEAR of Leveled Reading Passages (Nonfiction) that correlate EXACTLY with Social Studies standards!! All the way from the Age of Exploration - Native Americans - American Revolution - U.S. Government - Abolitionists - Civil War - Reconstruction - Westward Expansion - Industrial Revolution - Prosperity & the Great Depression - World War I - World War II - Cold War - Civil Rights - Globalization - Popular Culture Today - WOW!

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"At its worst, culture can be a drag on productivity. At its best, it is an emotional energizer. Here's how companies can use it to gain a competitive advantage."

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