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Chip and Joanna Gaines and the anti-gay controversy over HGTV's Fixer Upper, explained

HGTV’s renovation stars are now fixtures in a culture war.

Vicious vaccine culture war now being waged against informed, intelligent Americans who seek to protect their children from deadly side effects

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Dropping ‘Easter’ from eggs stirs culture war in U.K.

#Dropping "#Easter" from candy eggs stirs culture #war...

▶ The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready? - YouTube. Excellent information with extensive coverage of such things as the comparison to other illnesses such as HIV laws and rights, legal issues, exemptions, eugenics, stats, new vaccines, legal targets and the global vaccine drug plan... "really a culture war on values, beliefs and freedoms".

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The Real Culture War, Part 1: Defining the Battleground: It's not about left-vs-right or or any other 20th Century cliché. The issue is Modernity and how to deal with a new century of change. Every generation struggles for human improvement -- more knowledge, better kids. But romantic mystics see history as a long slide from some past golden age. Human effort is futile against this slide. Underneath all that hyper-tolerance posturing, there lies hatred of the very notion of progress.

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Fighting Back Against Anti-Feminist Backlash: Women Can Win the Trump Era's New Culture War | Alternet

Shocking new video exposes parallels between America's vaccine culture war and the Third Reich's medical crimes against humanity

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Clean energy as culture war

“Make no mistake,” says Dr Kurt Jetta, the founder of CPG analytics firm TABS Analytics, “Online grocery is failing.” But is he right, given that most commentators predict food e-commerce sales will grow significantly over the next several years, albeit

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Fighting back against anti-feminist backlash: Women can win the Trump era’s new culture war

Fighting back against anti-feminist backlash: Women can win the Trump era's new culture war