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Culvers Butter Burgers

Culvers Butter Burgers are some of the best fast food burgers around. Unlock the secret to these famous burgers.


Classy. Culver's Ready your taste buds! Introducing another tasty new menu item: Our French Onion ButterBurger. Enjoy fantastic Gruyère and aged Swiss cheese with bits of caramelized onion between two Midwest beef patties, a layer of sweet, fried red onions and creamy mayo on a lightly toasted and buttered bun.

Wisconsin Butter Burgers are a Midwestern favorite. We let our burgers form crispy edges on the stove before plopping them on a buttered buns with a heap of buttery onions.


5 Sheets of Culver's Butter Burgers & Frozen Custard Coupns Expire 8/24/14 -