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This is an illustration of an intersection showing various accessible facilities. These include sidewalks clear of obstructions, high-visibility striped crosswalks with curb ramps, raised crosswalks, curb extensions, detectable warning surfaces at curb ramps, landing and turning spaces at curb ramps, and pedestrian pushbutton signals on the sidewalks and in pedestrian refuge islands in the median.

Figure 8-3. GOOD DESIGN: At wide intersections, pedestrian access can be enhanced through a variety of features including ladder marking of crosswalks, perpendicular curb ramps, curb extensions with landscaping, detectable warnings, medians, and accessible pedestrian signals.

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Forklift loading dock and curb ramp

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Camper leveling blocks. 4x6 cut to 24". It takes 1 twelve foot and 1 ten foot board to make 5. One for each jack and one for the tongue. Simple hinge and a utility handle. Gonna put a hook and eye latch system to keep them together. A rubber band would work too.

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Guardian Rubber Curb Ramp - 10"L x 23-1/2"W

Custom Curb Ramp - Combine Multiple curb ramps to fit custom curb lengths

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20 Ton Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramp Discount Ramps

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BRIDJIT 3 Piece Curb Ramp Set, 12' of Driveway Coverage by Bridjit Curb Ramps Inc.. $299.95. The Bridjit three-piece rubber curb ramp protects the undercarriage of vehicles from damage when driving over rolled curbs. Rubber from recycled tires makes this curb ramp resistant to weather, street sweepers, and parallel-parked vehicles. The three-piece set includes a left-side, center, and right-side section for installation on both curved and straight driveway entries u...

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