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Image taken by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, showing Earth and the Moon shining in the night sky. Credit: NASA/JPL

Curiosity’s Mars Landing. After travelling in space for more than eight months since its launch in November 2011, the Mars Science Laboratory will finally land its rover on the red planet in Aug, to begin two years of unprecedented scientific work and search for any evidence of life. Graphic is a diagram of Rover Curiosity and some of its fascinating technology. #Scientific #Space #Exploration

all about "Curiosity" rover - Infographic

all about "Curiosity" rover - Infographic


Martian Mesas in 'Murray Buttes' Area, Sol 1434 The two prominent mesas in this view of Mars' 'Murray Buttes' region from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover are about 260 feet (about 80 meters) apart. Upper Mount Sharp is the salmon-hued mound dominating the horizon between the scene's two prominent mesas.

Mars has rocks on its surface unlike any we have ever seen before on Earth!!! Mars has this rock for instance, which is assumed to be made from Martian Volcanoes (due to the pitting from gas escaping to the rock surfaces)


Butte 'M9a' in 'Murray Buttes' on Mars The top of the butte in this scene from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is known as 'M9a' in the 'Murray Buttes' area, where individual buttes and mesas were assigned numbers.

from NASA

Rover's Panorama Taken Amid 'Murray Buttes' on Mars

September 2016 self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover


Un anno fa esatto il rover #curiosity veniva lanciato alla volta di #marte. Lo sapevate che Curiosity è grande quanto un'auutomobile? E che non è atterrato solo con un semplice paracadute ma con un complicato sistema di retrorazzi? Landing Sequence of the Curiosity Mars Rover


. @NASA's Curiosity #Mars Rover Looks Back on Murray Buttes (360 View)

from NASA

Pioneering Space Requires Living Off the Land in the Solar System

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover