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three-minute curly hair routine. I'd have to start at step 3. There is no way my hair would hold curl after brushing through it. Finger comb, people, finger comb.


All this is saying is that you wash your hair on Sunday and co-wash on Thursday. The other days, you moisturize which can be as simple as spraying on a leave in and apply an oil to seal. Twice a month on your wash day do a 2 min protein treatment. A very simple routine that will work wonders.


My curly hair routine

Though I have separate articles for what exactly I do with my curly hair, very often I am asked for "My curly hair routine". So I thought of including all applicable curly hair articles under a single post so that you can easily look up what my curly hair routine looks like.


15 Genius Curly Hair Ideas

Anyone with curly hair has heard at least one person with straight strands lament, "Your hair is so pretty, I wish I had curly hair!" It's meant to be a compliment, but having a good curly hair day is harder than it looks. Good news is you're in the right place to get your easiest, healthiest hair routine ever. First, these simple tips will keep waves and curls looking shiny and strong. Then, advance to eight easy hairstyles you can whip out before the morning coffee's ready. Click through…


Here is my #WashDay routine many of you asked me to repost. This is the routine I've been doing since last year and it works for me. Screenshot it. Hope it helps! #actuallyashly


My Updated Curly Hair Routine


25 Natural Hair Care Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Learn how to co-wash your hair (wash without shampoo) like a pro - If you like this pin, repin it and follow our boards :-) #FastSimpleFitness -


LOC Method: The Routine EVERY Curly Should Know

LOC Method: This is my exact regimen just completely different products. The most critical piece of advise that I can give is to find products that work for YOU & YOUR HAIR! No one's hair is the same so customize your regimen & products.