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Currant berry necklace. Black berry necklace. Berry jewelry. Nature jewelry. Olive green leaves necklace. Polymer clay jewelry botanical

Necklace with currant berries. Black currant necklace. Yellow tiny flowers, black berries, olive green leaves. Polymer clay jewelry


ᏩཞᎧᎦɛįℓℓɛᎦ (ripe red currant berries by Natalia Klenova)

Currants are so beautiful.  How can I resist growing them?

Red Currant Jam

I've actually personally made this red currant fridge jam, it doesn't smell like anything but tastes delicious. makes me wonder about the supermarket jam that smells up the room when you open the jar.


50 Best Food Blog Photos Of 2012

A drool advisory has been issued for this post. It contains our favorite food styling and photography from the past year. View at your own risk.


In Ayurveda, any Red food stimulates the circulation, energises the nerves and dilates blood vessels. It pacifies vata and kapha but needs to be used with caution by pitta. — Mind, Body, Spirit. Brought to you by SunGoddess Magazine: Igniting the Powerful Goddess WIthin


White Currant Berries Information, Recipes and Facts- plant white currant instead of red, birds will not eat the berries