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Rilakkuma Vegetarian Kare Pan (Japanese Curry Bread)

Japanese Curry Piggy Bread Bun (This is adorable -- plan to try with a ham and cheese filling, or a pepperoni roll filling for my kids. Even BBQ meat might work)

from Chopstick Chronicles

Curry Bread - Karee Pan

Karee Pan, or Curry Bread, is one of the most delicious Japanese food creations ever! It is, as the name suggests, a bread roll filled with curry; it sounds so simple but it’s so incredible. Classic karee pan, and the type you will find sold everywhere in Japan, is fried karee pan but in this recipe I am going to show you how to bake it instead (just to make it a little healthier). The fried version is so delicious though, so I definitely recommend trying it! Karee pan, like Yakisoba Pan, is…


Japanese Curry Bread (Kare-pan) One of my favorite things to eat in Japan :-D ! Great if you love curry. You can also use other fillings. The author of this recipe (Makiko Itoh) suggests also using stiff custard, beef stew, and cooked-down bolognese sauce.