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Cute 5sos Imagines

hi!! so, I'm going to start posting text-imagines onto Pinterest and I need some ideas!! if you want your own convo, comment or message me your request and I'll make you one! I'll do 1D, 5SOS, etc. I'm also going to have a specific board set aside for the imagines but I'll post them oh here for a while as well! Please comment and message me so I can get some ideas!! thanks!! Xx- Zoie Claire


I'm not a fan if 5SAUCE but I like their song amnesia !!! Ok this imagine is so cute even though I don't really like 5sos . I like some of their songs but really that's it . I want this imagine to happen !!! OMG with anyone !!


Imagine: Luke likes you but he can't find the guts to tell you, so the boys help him (part2) (c) @5SOS_Imagining