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Cute Paragraphs For Her

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Brenna ♡ on

That guy be like "hold up is that t swift?!" hahahahaha oooh mannn... ;)


Lissy Elle on Flickr The progression of her work, is pretty incredible, wouldn't you agree? Dark is beautiful.


ruby plz steven is right there****Spoilers… kinda..if you have not seen keystone motel****The way Ruby and Sapphire argue because they are basically married forever is so cute omg when ruby was burning the rug and stomped out of the room lol the sound of her little feet stomping.edit: lmao wow someone is tired (me). I removed some extra lines laying around.edit2: Sapphire’s waist looked kinda crazy, thanks anon.


I did this with my first graders last year and they loved it! It was part of a butterfly unit we did where students watched videos of the life cycle, learned songs about the life cycle, "flow mapped" it, made this adorable life cycle craft, wrote an expository paragraph on it, and finally got to watch as real caterpillars became butterflies before their eyes! Sometimes I really miss first...


the teacher wife: bubble gum FUN! (writing and math)


Nie Nie wrote a paragraph everyday for a year about why she loved her husband that day. Such a sweet idea


We have a wonderful collection of cute paragraphs for her or him for those who want to tell their lovers how blessed they feel in each others' company but don't have the right words to tell it.

One day, a girl i knew was getting teased by these other girls for wearing the same clothes constantly (her family was poor).


Heart with @rebecca_does_cosplay So I don't normally do heart things so this is a bit different than usual but seriously guys @rebecca_does_cosplay is an amazing Cosplayer (this is not for a sfs) she is my favourite Chihiro Fujisaki Cosplayer and I'd really love to chance to do a collab with her. You guys should really follow her if you want cute Chihiro pictures on your feed they just make you happy as they're so cool and amazing. I wasn't expecting to write a long paragraph I just thought…

About the girl:  She puts on the charm like nobody's business and can weave tales from sun up to sundown without taking a breath.  Every word out of her mouth is laced with passion and every story, every request is accompanied by paragraphs of supporting detail.  This girl, she's a charmer through and through.  She can make you believe in anything and carry you away in the light of her big brown eyes.