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If I think about it... it was everything about you!!! You are perfect in every way!! looking at you last night as we talked.. you have such a glow about you!! You're smile lights up the world and wow it consumes me!! You think you know how much I love you.. you'd have to take my heart and put it inside you to even begin to know the depth of my feelings and love for you!! Think of me today.. you are etched into my every thought!! I love you SC!!

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Poetry: Craving the Love of a Crush "I... started to fiend for you like a school girl with a crush"

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cute sayings about a new relationship | motivational love life quotes sayings poems poetry pic picture photo ...

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Are you out of words? Stuttering when your loved one is with you? Can't say the magic phrase "I love you" and wanted to say it differently but with the same intense feeling? Well, I could help you ...

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I can't wait to see YOU!!! :) I do have butterflies thinking how beautiful you are Baby!!! It has been too long! Thank you so much for being there for me & holding me tight! I'm so glad we got to talk! I love it and YOU so very very much!!!!!

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