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Cyber Bullying

It's important to know what types of bullying/inappropriate behaviors exist to try to prevent or avoid them.

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Long-Term Effects of Bullying

I think this is a good example of why bullying is a problem. Look at how many students stay home each day from school because they are afraid of bullying. Bullying is a problem because it stops people from getting an education. -Brian W. This is so sad

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Teach your students about the four different types of bullying

An entire 5 page lesson plan to help students identify the different types of bullying, including cyber bullying

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Here is a great video explaining the effects of cyberbullying and how girls can work together to put an end to it.

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Cyberbullying is not a technology issue | Education |

The 10 Golden Rules for Being Cyber Smart--along with a classroom lesson and activities to get kids talking about bullying and cyber safety.

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