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The perfect BBxRaven pic.....and it's never a ship pic without the third wheel......Robin...

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Kim Jae-Joong (김재중) - Born: January 26, 1986. Korean singer, actor, songwriter & director. He was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ & is in the korean pop group JYJ. He has played in: Time Slip Dr Jin, Protect the Boss, Sunao ni Narenakute, Heaven's Postman, & Jackal is Coming.

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Teen Titans. I want to cut Terra out, but Robin's facial expression is too great...<---- am I the only one who noticed the random arm...?

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Cyborg 009,D.Gray-Man,DEATH NOTE,DOG DAYS,Durarara!!,El Cazador de la Bruja,Eureka Seven,Free! Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhoods,Gakuen Alice,Gakuen Mokushiroku:HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD,HunterxHunter,K Project,Kakumaeiki Valvrave,OHSHC,Phi Brain:Kami no Puzzle,SOUL EATER,Star Driver,Wolf's Rain, X, and more

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charisma carpenter greek Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery #CharismaCarpenterplasticsurgery #CharismaCarpenter #celebritypost

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