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Serpopard--serpent-necked lioness. 3000 BC cylinder seal of Uruk, the Louvre.This creature may have represented the chaos that existed in areas not ruled the ruler of Egypt. - Wikipedia


Cylinder Seal of Dark-brown Stone, 18 x 10.5 mm. In the middle is an eagle, with wings spread and tail feathers showing below the body. With either talon it is gripping the back of a recumbent horned animal. To the right of this group is a reared up lion. This is an Akkadian seal, c. 2300-2150 B.C., from Mesopotamia or a neighbouring area. The eagle is the mythological Imdugud-bird, known from Sumerian texts.


18th century, Qianlong Period, Qing dynasty. Composed of a pair of tall cylinders joined by a falcon with outspread wings standing on the head of a bear-like beast, the tail and hind of each creature emerging between the vases at the rear to form a handle surmounted with a bat, each cylinder decorated in low relief with a broad band of bosses above another band of archaistic recumbent silk worm scrolls and a lower border of pendent cicada blades, key fret border around the foot ring, fitted…

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Geometry Jeopardy For Smart Board Area/Volume

7th grade Review Game for use with the 7th grade measurement unit.Geometry Jeopardy game on the following material.*Area: circles, parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids* 3-D Figures* Volume: prisms and cylinders*Surface Area: prisms and cylindersAnswers to the questions are on pull out tabs on the right side of the slide.

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Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms and Cylinders Coloring Book Math

Find the Surface Area of Cylinders and Rectangular Prisms with this Peanuts Coloring Book Math!! Fun and easy to use!!!

formula for the volume, lateral surface area, and total surface area of an ellipse-base cylinder, and also for a stadium-base cylinder...example problems to calculate volume and surface area

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