Fang Lijun. Cynical Realism, a movement which developed in China in the 1990s focusing on the analysis of Chinese socio-political history in the 20th century.

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The Idealist Shop. Welcome to our new shop! We strive to accomplish positive change with humor, irony, satire and parody based on a cynical realism of today's world. We have a belief of creating a better future which we try to encourage with big statements and positive messages. In short, we are here to make you laugh, to start thinking and to react. #Idealist #Zazzle #Tshirt

This painting is part of the ‘Hat’ series by Yue Minjun, a contemporary Chinese painter associated with the Cynical Realism, probably the best-known movement in contemporary Chinese art. Cette peinture montrant un homme riant aux éclats et qui porte un casque de pilote sur sa tête, fait partie de la série ``Chapeau’’ de Yue Minjun (岳敏君 ). Yue Minjun est un artiste contemporain chinois dont le travail a été associé au mouvement artistique du réalisme cynique.

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