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Induction Chromatique: 2000 - 2009: 2006 Induction du Jaune. Série Nov 06/1 Paris, France, 2006 100 x 100 cm (39 3/8 x 39 3/8”) 8 copies

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Hera by_carlos_lam_reyes

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Finished Cecil <<< looks more like Carlos... Looks? Who the fuck cares? It's a podcast. THAT lets the imagination wander. Artists could make Cecil a purple flying toad that eats birds and he'd still be beautiful and I would need more

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Carlos Felipe Leon

Carlos Felipe Leon is a visual development artist at DreamWorks Animation. He studied Digital Filmmaking, Animation at Supinfocom (2005-2007), and Industrial Engineering, Engineering/Management at Universidad de Los Andes (2001-2005), and was the chief color designer for Bibo Film's, A Monster in Paris. Carlos previously worked as a visual development artist at Happy Accident! (2012), an art director at Animation Lab (2010-2012), a visual development artist at Mac Guff Ligne (2010)…

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Chromosaturation. The Light Show, Hayward Gallery 2013. Carlos Cruz Diez

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One off-canon, Cecil and Carlos changing a flat in the desert (or not…). Cecil drives a 1960’s Rambler in my head to contrast with Carlos’ sporty Hybrid Coupe. <3

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LISBOA DESAPARECIDA: REI D. CARLOS numa fotografia única

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Inspiring spaces by Carlos Mota (

Inspiring spaces by Carlos Mota

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"Charles IV in Hunting Dress" by Francisco de Goya (1799)

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El famoso Puente de Carlos en Praga

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