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English cream miniature dachshund!!

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Dachshunds - Are They the Right Dog for You?

Think a Dachshund is the perfect dog for you? This Dachshunds 101 infographic can help you decide! And, if you do decide a Dachshund is the perfect pet for your family, make sure to get them their very own dogstairs so they can reach you on the couch or bed (they call them "low riders" for a reason)!

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Piebald Dapple Dachshund | Piebald Double Dapple Dachshund It's like the piebald gene

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Dachshunds! dog breed info!

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the sweetest little doxie face ever!..M.T. Not a big fan of this breed, but this IS the cutest little face! As a kid we had a litter of 6 puppies, from a mom who was part wire-fox terrier/part poodle and she was impregnated by our shih tzu AND a neighborhood dachshund, it was the cutest litter.One was a longhair dach. we called spider monkey and was the cutest thing ever,was very upset when we had to give it away to my sisters horrible boyfriend and he didn't keep it.

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new Breeds (including the 'Brussels Sprout' and 'Peek-a-Poo'...) he he he you have to see this! The Chiweenie...

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❤ we definitely have a soft sot for the wire-haired doxies, known as the 'class clowns" of all the dachshund breeds. we have two and they certainly are entertaining! Rescue dogs rock! xo

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Pictures of Dachshund Dog Breed

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Victoria - null

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Top 5 Stubborn Dog Breeds

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