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Build number sense and review skills with this set of 100 riddle cards for the numbers 1 to 100. Great for spiraled review of math concepts and vocabulary! Small group, whole group, or independent practice with odd/even, tens and ones, coins (pennies, nickels, dimes), and comparison signs for equalities and inequalities. $


This Adapted Books Mini-Bundle focuses on "Wh" Questions and problem solving skills. In these books, students listen to a clue or riddle to answer the questions, "What's Missing?" and "Where Do We Go?" The five adapted books included in this bundle are: What's Missing? School Routines Edition What's Missing? Recreation Routines Edition What's Missing? Daily Routines Edition Where Do We Go? Our School Edition Where Do We Go? Our Community Edition

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17 challenging brainteasers for kids that will stretch your brain

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Decimal Place Value Riddle Card Challenge Game (now with Ordering of Decimals!)

A fun method for your students to think critically about decimal place value. Ideal for a decimals unit or a back to school review. This common core based product consists of 20 reusable “What number am I?” cards that can be laminated, cut up, and distributed to students. Review the place value tips (detailed on instruction page), walk through the provided solution to the practice riddle card, explain the rules, and send the students off on this exciting educational game!

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Morning Work

5th Grade Math and English Language Arts Daily Morning Work- Check out the FREE preview! 3 weeks of 4th grade review to start, with a total of 180 pages! Reading passages aligned to the Reading Literature and Reading Informational Standards, math riddles, language questions, vocabulary, and affix word study questions, and more! $


This is a set of 190 riddles and brainteasers that can be used in the classroom. Questions are geared to Grades 2-5. Post a riddle a day in the mor...