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- Old Dairy Queen Sign - (my first real job, was really good at making the swirl at the top) -

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Dairy Queen Blizzard--excellent site. Many other restaurants with copy cat recipes too! Struck gold on this one ya'll! :)

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peanut butter parfait with extra peanut butter sauce from Dairy Queen.

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In reality, my small, Minnesota hometown did not have a lot of dining options. But in my 10 year old mind, it had all it needed: a DQ. Seasonally open, we anxiously awaited the sight of the lit neo…

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With it’s irresistible fudge and crunch centre, this merry DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARD Cake is the ideal way to treat your guests after a hearty Christmas meal! Order yours at #Christmas #Family #Cake

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A homemade version of Dairy Queen’s buster bars! With homemade ice cream, hot fudge, and magic shell!

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Delicious and delightful, this Cotton Candy Blizzard will MAKE your day! Go ahead and indulge without gilt because it happens be be secretly light! Dairy-free option too!

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