A preview of Damien Lovegrove's forthcoming Boudoir photography video, available to download soon. More training videos here: http://www.lovegroveconsulting.com/training_video_downloads.aspx

Vintage Cherish The Dress ~ with Damien Lovegrove and Chris Hanley…

Damien Lovegrove knows a thing or two about portraits and the Fujifilm X-system. We talk about both and about two of his recent ebooks on the same topics.

This picture of Lora Brisland exhibits the dreamy qualities that come from using a shallow depth of field combined with a Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter. The key to this shots success is the intensity of our interaction.

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Misfit Lovers (tanka)

How to pose couples ~ A photo guide by Damien Lovegrove | Creative and business resources for photographers - ProPhotoNut

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I used a flight of stone steps to form the base of this shot. The groom was sat on the step above the bride and she is sat within his legs leaning back into him. I like to ensure the cuff links and watch are visible on the groom when I’m shooting wedding couples. They are blissfully delighted and intimately unaware of those around them. ISO 400, 1/1500th second at f/4

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