Damien rice

Damien Rice... stones taught me to fly , love taught me to lie , life ...it taught me to die ...so it's not hard to fall ...when you float like a cannonball .

love, it taught me to lie

Damien Rice - Cheers darlin' (What am I darlin? A whisper in your ear, a piece of your cake.

Damien Rice. Almost too much

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Damien Rice - Publicity shots, My Favourite Faded Fantasy release

Damien Rice by Lilja Birgisdóttir

Damien Rice lyrics- It Takes a lot to Know a Man. seriously beautiful; the first few lines are stirring

Damien Rice - It Takes A Lot To Know A Man. Such a chilling, beautiful song.

Damien Rice. He never compromises his music for anyone and I love that.

Damien Rice - I will marry him for he has the voice of a passionate angel

Damien Rice

Damien Rice: 'I opened every can of worms I could.