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Saarpor Sound Proof Insulating Liner....soundproof walls without ripping out the plaster + heat insulation and protection from damp to boot. Perfect solution! covers 8 sq ft per roll


How to Carpet a Basement Floor

Prevent damp basement floors from ruining carpet and other finished flooring. Install dimpled polyethylene to create an air space between the concrete and the finished floor, sealing off dampness and giving moisture a chance to dissipate.


Perfect for hunting on those cold, damp mornings, the Women's Ayton Hoodie by Under Armour keeps you warm and dry. Polyester construction with Under Armour Storm durable water-repellent finish gives you both stealthy mobility and moisture protection. 400-wt. Sherpa fleece provides an amazingly soft feel and the thermal insulation you need to stay in the field longer.


Basement Renovation: DRIcore Subfloor Installation

DRIcore Subfloor - DRIcore® is the one-step engineered subfloor solution that is specifically designed for basements. The raised moisture barrier covers cold, damp concrete to protect, insulate and cushion your finished floors.


Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. With its gorgeous white sand beaches, rugged moors and jagged peaks, the Outer Hebrides is a beautiful set of 200 islands in a 130 mile archipelago off the north west side of Scotland


Mike Holmes on Basement Renovations. How to put in foam board and seal right to prevent future mould problems


I love this time of year. The long nights and the distant slant of sunlight. The cool air and damp ground. The way the animals super-fluff their coats, and the bugs go dormant. The play of shadows is calming and the wind insists you stay inside, warm and cozy. We sleep more, eat more and love more this time of year. I adore to snuggle into the caress of a warm hoody and insulated socks cushion better. Waterproof boots lessen my impact upon the softened ground. My skin isn’t...


Hemp/Lime Building. Better than cement! Insulates, breathable, and self-healing. Cannot be used below grade, but is fine in damp and flood prone areas. Cement is too ridged. it easily cracks in damp and cold conditions.. And creates a thermal break. Hempcrete, if used externally to surround building envelope, can work beautifully to meet passive house standards.