Weissman™ | Sequin Brocade Long Skirt Dress: modern costume 2014-2015

Game of Thrones style idea A rich gold sequin-brocade, stretch-mesh overlay brings a fairytale look to this nylon/spandex, brief-cut leotard

RUN THIS TOWN #8281 BY WEISSMAN for "Girls just want to have fun" level 3

Seamless, zig-zag studded leggings set the mood for this urban-inspired costume. The cool, oversized cropped T-shirt is worn over a matte nylon/spandex bra top. The separate, plaid flannel button-down shirt is included and a knit beanie comp

This is a very cute jazz hip hop outfit it has a blue jean jackets a glitter skirt and a glitter shirt with braclets

Sequin Biketard with Denim Vest -Weissman Costumes My little sister had this for one of her dance numbers!

Ribbon Embroidered Mesh Dress -Weissman Costumes

Ribbon Embroidered Mesh Dress -Weissman Costumes - last years pointe costume

P/F 2131  Petit Feet Tuesday 9:30-10:15  Miss Rachel

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