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lascasartoris: “Bertye Lou Wood in her 1st

lascasartoris: “Bertye Lou Wood in her 1st professional dance job in 1928, poses to the left of dance director Addison Cary.” Bertye Lou wa...


To really know how to become a professional dancer, you have to learn everything about dance as well as be open to the things you need to improve yourself. Dancing is an expression. It is an art of movements and emotional expression. Each one of us can dance in our own simple steps and movements, …


The smaller one, Jade Chynoweth is blowing my mind. she was in one of my dance classes once, she is so amazing...she now has a house here and one in LA to take some dance jobs


The choreographer of the ‪#‎Ensemble‬ is Miroslav Asparuhov. There are 20 men and 20 women ‪#‎dancing‬ constantly in the Ensemble and it is complemented by dancers from the Dancing School. The group’s repertoire consists of 26 dances from all the Bulgarian Ethnographic regions. The group is made of amateurs and all the dancers work in other than dancing jobs. There are regular rehearsals three times a week. The group performs around 80-100 concerts per year in the country and abroad…

If you'd like to make dance as your job, there are easy yet useful points provided here you could adhere to so you may become a professional dancer.