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Daniel Sharman (Isaac Lahey) discusses how his lack of eyebrows made him the ugly werewolf of the pack. #TeenWolf #hilarious

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ana v on

To funny for those of you who dont know Daniel sharman plays Isaac on teen wolf.

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hey guys, I'm Isaac. I'm 19 and single. i skateboard and swim. I am a flirt but if you get to know me I can be nice. I don't follow the rules. If I see something I want, I will go for it. intro?

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⛴ Larry Is Real ⚓️ on

Isaac Lahey! I love his smile. Loved him from the beginning, absolutely adored him living with the McCalls, and the sass and scarves were cherries on top! Lol, can you tell he's one of my favorite characters? To be honest though, it's like a four-way tie between Scott, Derek, Stiles and Isaac so....

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Why You Should Be Watching "Teen Wolf"

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