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Dapper Synonym

Rakish meaning:Marked by up-to-datedness in dress and manners. Synonyms: dapper, dashing, jaunty, natty.Get rakish quotes,sample sentences and images here.

Dashing Disneyland Dapper Day 2014 Photos

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#sharp: being strikingly neat and trim in style or appearance Synonyms dapper, natty, smart, snappy, spruce

Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers 1945 dress cosplay! I would have put Steve in his suit for her dress... You can't even recognize that she's Cap!

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Dietrich’s perfect combination of world-weary sophistication, unquestionable experience and self-deprecating humor made her one of the most successful Cabaret performers Germany’s Weimar era. By rejecting the conventional gender standards of the time, Dietrich rejected the notion that glamorous must be synonyms with feminine and proved that women could look equally as dapper in a top hat and tuxedo as in an Edith Head evening gown...

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