Dark harry fanfiction

dark. I'm obsessed. can anyone recommend some good (and grammatically correct) 1D fan fiction? thanksssss :)

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OMG! Harrys dark side is mean but the little angle inside if him takes over <3 LoVe HiM

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They upstage everyone in Defense Against the Dark Arts. | 15 Times Tumblr Proved Muggleborns Are The Coolest Kids At Hogwarts

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Other Draco-Hermione moment by bonana-chan.deviantart.com on @deviantART
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Harry Styles at London Fashion Week 2012 - 2013 I am in acftual physical pain... I just. hes just... he just got so damn sexy. Its funny because back then I still thought he was like the hottest piece of ass ever, now comparing them... wow.

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I love it, but defense against the dark arts teachers only stay 1 year of course you could learn a lot in a year from these guys.

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Lol ok. But I have a loud voice so it works, Like I don't have a whisper voice, or an indoor voice. It's a problem

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So, this fan fiction called Dangerous is absolutely fantastic. I'll put the link in the comments. Warning: it's kinda pg-13, but it's a Dark Harry story without actually being 'the' DARK. Please read it! It's so good!

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