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_50 Books That Changed The World*_ the author Andrew Taylor explores the 50 most influential books in human history.

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Happy Labor Day

Karl Marx was a sociologist who had a the view of a conflict theorist. He was especially known for his view on capitalism. He believe that the capitalist class or the bourgeoise own most of the wealth because they were in control of the businesses which made the wealth.

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Das Kapital im 21. Jahrhundert

Karl Marx began as a Jew, then converted to Christianity (Lutheran). As a young man, he appeared to truly follow Jesus Christ. At some point, he apostatized and apparently became a worshiper of Satan. Toward the end of his life, he said, "I am not a Marxist." If Marx renounced his own writings, why do others take up the red banner? The Communist movement he started murdered hundreds of millions worldwide since his death.

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Das Kapital - Karl Marx | Politics & Current Events...: Das Kapital - Karl Marx | Politics & Current Events… #PoliticsampCurrentEvents

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Marxiana: Das fixe Kapital und das System der Arbeitsteilung.