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Running SQL Queries on Production/live Databases - 5 Things to Remember

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Elements by Orbital (2003). This representation shows the Pauli exclusion principle, the aufbau principle and Hund's rule in action.

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VISUAL BASIC AND DATABASES - PROFESSIONAL EDITION ​(Table of Contents) is a tutorial that provides a detailed introduction to using Visual Basic for accessing and maintaining databases for desktop applications. Topics covered include: database structure, database design, Visual Basic project building, ADO .NET data objects, data bound controls, proper interface design, structured query language (SQL), creating databases using Access, SQL Server and ADOX, and database reports.

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The Database Access component uses ActiveX data objects (ADO) to access information stored in a database or other tabular data structure. It also uses the connection pooling feature of ODBC 3.0 to make database access more efficient.