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David Bowie Pronunciation

'I've never needed to use my father's name': Hollywood's hottest director Duncan Jones on growing up with David Bowie

'Often I'd sit around being bored backstage at a concert': Duncan on life with dad David Bowie

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Is it Bowie 'like showy' or Bowie like wowee?

The star tended to pronounce his own name - which he adopted at the age of 18 - to rhyme with 'showy' or 'snowy', rather than like 'wow-ee'.

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For one game only the Baltimore Orioles Double-A affiliate the Bowie Baysox will play as the Bowie Baysox. While the spelling is the same, the difference is in the pronunciation to honor a rock star. #DavidBowie #baseball #Baysox #Bowie

Anton Corbijn is a Dutch photographer, music video director and film director. Being one of the best of the world in his area of expertise, Anton Corbijn has worked with various global superstars such as Coldplay, U2, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Robert de Niro and Stephen Hawking.

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Shades of Ziggy Stardust with rocking red leather letters "REBEL REBEL" splayed across the back of this lovingly distressed blue denim jacket. Just right for transitioning to spring while simultaneously saluting David Bowie. Women's embroidered distressed denim jacket by R13 via @netaporter ( #SS2016

Inspired by the intro to ‘Andy Warhol’ from Bowie’s 1971 ‘Hunky Dory’ album. David Bowie corrects producer Ken Scott over the pronunciation of ‘Warhol’.

DAVID BOWIE and son Duncan They've both got the same good looks.

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