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Roast fillet of cod with saffron potatoes and tomatoes

This beautiful cod recipe from David Kelman takes a bit of time to put together, but the results make it well worth the effort

Ellenbourg Park in the Cotswolds and Chef David Kelman - Luxe Beat Magazine

Ellenborough Park's very own Head Chef David Kelman will be competing in the Great British Menu 2014!


David Kelman Chef - Ellenborough Park will also be supporting big eat cotswolds


#Great #British #Menu art on #Welsh #Slate #Slateware by #Chef David Kelman


The open plan bedroom and lounge area is fully panelled in oak, with an original ornamental plaster ceiling and a 16th Century stone fireplace. A door from the master suite leads into The Library, enabling guests staying in the Arkle Suite to entertain up to 12 people in private. If private dining is requested, Head Chef David Kelman will be pleased to develop speciality menus to meet individual requirements.

Roast fillet of cod with saffron potatoes and tomatoes

David Kelman's roast fillet of cod recipe produces an exquisite dish, full of refined flourishes that elevate it to something special. You can buy the striking pink beetroot powder online, or from specialist stores.


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