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How to foil NSA sabotage: use a dead man's switch

BIT COIN AND LIBERTY RESERVE DIGITAL CURRENCIES Digital currencies have emerged to power online gaming and for international money transfer. And money laundering. Is there a way we can use this for good? Can CP+B be paid in digital currency?

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Watch The Outer Limits Season 3 Episode 13: Dead Man's Switch

Suspicious "Dead Man's Switch" WikiLeaks Tweets Stir Speculation Of Assange Hit

Dead man switch by Matthew Quirk. Click on the image to place a hold on this item in the Logan Library catalog.

Dead Man's Switch - Elementary (2013) [Season 1 - Episode 20] A blackmailer uses tapes of underage girls to get money from their fathers. When Holmes witnesses the blackmailer's murder, it becomes a race to find out who his accomplice is and prevent the videos from being released on the Internet.

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