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Dean Meaning

Aside from their English meaning, can we take a moment to see what Dean and Sam's names mean in Arabic? Sam means poisonous (which is funny because demon blood) and Dean means faith (which is basically what Dean's problem was like the whole show). And Cas means cup. I don't know what that means

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''Every single angel knows how much Dean means to Castiel and every single monster in Purgatory knows how much Cas means to Dean.'' / Supernatural

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Oh my gosh... Imagine waking up to any of these... I'd never leave the bed, just stare at him... (I do that with my hubby sometimes. Man, I hate when he wakes up...)

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"Love is mean, and love hurts" -Lana Del Rey Why are you so perfect?

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Supernatural Quotes on

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He was also talking to a woman he made up in his head cause he was going crazy.... Which means he was asking himself all those questions

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Paula Deen Lemon Meringue Pie This is the best and easiest pie, perfect for summer!

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