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Dean Meaning

Winchesters #SPN . I find it interesting that Sam's name means what it does, because in the scripture, Lucifer is called the son of the morning star, brightest of all the angels of heaven. Coincidence, I THINK NOT.

Aside from their English meaning, can we take a moment to see what Dean and Sam's names mean in Arabic? Sam means poisonous (which is funny because demon blood) and Dean means faith (which is basically what Dean's problem was like the whole show). And Cas means cup. I don't know what that means

does anyone see the quote," Hotter than a parent on a ceiling." That just mean and sad.

Dean and Rory um no you mean Sam and some random girl the he won't tell dean about?

Just a few of Dean's worst moments. This just makes you realize even more of how much Dean has sacrificed for Sam. Dean has practically driven himself insane with trying to protect his brother. And Sam just does not even realize it.