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For all of them. Today is a mystery, just in case I don't make it home, I want them to know, I loved them all with every fiber of my being. Nobody was ever placed ahead of their needs or so important that they were worth sacrificing.

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All you hear is me bitching!! All my intent is, is to make you respectful responsible adults. I love you both more than you will possible ever know!!!

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We are so happy for you as you begin a new chapter in your life! You make us soo proud! ❤️

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Dear Daughter. I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence.. along with the wisdom to chose your battles carefully.. I wish you adventure on your journey and may you always stop to help someone along the way... Listen to your heart and take risks carefully... Remember how much you are loved... I am so proud of you.. Your Mom

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Celebrations by Lisa

For my dearest daughters...I know what mistakes I've made in this past year, and Lord knows if I could, I would go back and redo SO many of my choices made.....but I can't, I can only look and move forward on my path, as you, yours.....please know I love you SO VERY much, ALWAYS ALWAYS- ❤️ Mom -

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To My Olivia.... just remember... I BELIEVE IN YOU BABYGIRL!!! You can Do and Be Anything You Want to be!!! I LOVE YOU MORE Babygirl!!! ~7/25/2016~

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Halestorm "Dear Daughter" even if you don't like Halestorm, at least listen to the song. I think it'll make a lot of you feel better. It made me cry because its so touching and relatable on so many ways. And Lizzy Hale wrote this song on mind for the one who don't really like themselves (me included) but you all are beautiful, you guess just don't see how incredible and amazing you really are. Keep smiling and shining lovelies :)

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- this is your life these words...need to own these thoughts and make them actions!

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