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Dear John Letters from LDS Missionaries.... Kinda sad but really funny. I spent way too long reading these bahahahahah

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Dear Fear: A "Dear John" Letter To Anxiety. You are not dear, Fear. I am not sorry to say that this relationship is over! I have panicked enough! And I am done with you. - - Anxiety #Fear #Panic

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Nicholas Sparks is killing me lately. I'm learning this quote is so true. These past few weeks have been unbearable.... I've reached for the phone countless times - wanting to call him or send a text. But that would be selfish. So until (if ever) he figures this out, he has his space & time.

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I think we don't give her enough credit! Who doesn't love a movie with amanda seyfriend in it? Dear john, letters to juillet, mama mia and manie more! There isn't a bad move with her in it! I love her SOOOO mutch! ♥️

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