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Dear World: Food is Not a Moral Issue

This just needed to be said!!! "Dear World: We need to talk. You've gotten into a really bad habit of equating a person's worth or character with the depth of their healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, food manufacturers have gotten wind of this and now design their packaging completely based on shame and guilt. In our culture you are "good" if you eat a salad and "bad" if you eat a cupcake. I'm going to go ahead and call that what it is: total bull crap."


TELL World Leaders: Sign the Paris Agreement on Earth Day! In December 2015, representatives from 195 countries reached a landmark global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that could avert a climate catastrophe. On April 22—Earth Day—U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting a signing ceremony in New York. It’s a chance to celebrate a new direction for the planet and for world leaders to publicly show their countries’ commitment to climate action. PLEASE SIGN and SHARE…

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Dear world A5 canvas

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Dear World, You're RUINING Indian Food, Please Stop

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'Dear World' Mug

Dear world, Thank you for the smallest of moments that bring the greatest of beauty. :: 'Dear World' Mug by Kelly Rae Roberts


Dear World Leaders: Stop Appeasing Islamic Terrorists. Start Killing Them. Now. via @scrowder