Debbie depp

Lily-Rose Melody Depp Actriz Fecha de nacimiento: 27 de mayo de 1999 (edad 16), París, Francia Estatura: 1,6 m Padres: Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp Películas: Yoga Hosers, Tusk Tía: Alysson Paradis, Christi Dembrowski, Debbie Depp Hermanos: John "Jack" Christopher Depp III---Lun-28 sep-2015-16:13--24º-ksemberg-hienahijacastrarhoyllevaron

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Johnny Depp makes a guest appearance on the CBS Television Network's "Late Show ... 25-06-2009

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Twinkies would walk to the convenient store with debbie depp ( johnny's big sister), patti leek and kristi chandler to buy these every other day

Carrie FisherDaughter of "America's Sweethearts" star Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, the actress became one of the biggest stars of the '80s after Carrie landed the role of Princess Leia in "Star Wars" in 1977. Fans have yet to forget her tightly rolled buns and her itty-bitty metal bikini.

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Johnny in Edward Scissorhands. So beautiful. I love this film role and the actor was cash in 100% prefect

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ed westwick as chuck bass in gossip girl- DEAR GOD>>> ITS JOHNNY DEPP AND ROB PATTINSONS BABY!!!!! I LOVE HIM!

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