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Grab & Go Math Flashcards [Multiple Concepts] GROWING BUNDLE

These flash cards are incredibly useful for math test prep! Skills include: place value, area and perimeter, fractions, decimals, time, graphs and much much more.Place them in math centers, use as ticket out the door, or even with math games or morning work. Tons of uses!


1793 - During the revolution the French attempt to implement a system of decimal time, with 10 hours/day:100 minutes/hour:100 seconds/minute. It doesn't take.

Decimals - Multiply and Divide Decimals (6 No-Prep Printables w/ Riddles!)

This is a set of 6 worksheets for independent practice of multiplying and dividing decimals w/ and w/o models. Decimals times decimals Decimals times whole numbers Whole numbers divided by decimals Decimals divided by decimals Decimals divided by whole numbers


The Short, Strange History of Decimal Time

For thousands of years, we've divided days into 24 hours, hours into 60 minutes, and minutes into 60 seconds. But why do we have to do that? Here's the story of the one gloriously failed attempt to decimalize time.

5th Grade Engage NY Math Module 1 - Application Problem Workbook

This time saving workbook covers the application problems that coordinate with Engage NY's 5th Grade Math Module 1 - Place Value and Decimal Fractions.It contains both full and half page workbook pages, as well as color and black and white cover options for both.


FREE Black Friday Math and Literacy Activity. Your students will have a blast learning about Black Friday and practicing their math and reading skills with this 2-page freebie!


Remember when?

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