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What is Shallow Depth of Field and Deep Depth of Field?

Deep Depth of Field vs Shallow: 10 common questions and answers

Focus depends on depth of field. How deep is your life today? Are you focusing on the right things or is your viewpoint full of trival stuff?

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This is an example of maximum depth of field. The image was taken low enough to obtain all the bicycles as well as making sure they are all in focus, creating as if the bicycles never end.

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Lenses with higher apertures let more light into your camera -- and let you have more blurring in the background.

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i like this deep depth of field and how it adds cool colours. i also like its symmetrical balance and how its directly in the middle.

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Line: The lines used in this photograph create an unbelievable vantage point, and feeling that this bridge goes on forever and ever.

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this is deep depth of field because the whole bridge and water is in focus nothing blurred a small aperture is usually used for this picture

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