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Integral Anatomy, V2 pt2: Deep Fascia and Muscle - YouTube


Integral Anatomy V2 pt1: Deep Fascia and Muscle


1. skin 2. superficial fascia (this may be as thin as or less than a half inch or as thick as 6 inches or more) 3. deep fascia (all skeletal muscle is surrounded within its own deep fascia). 4. subserous fascia also known at extraperitoneal fascia (a layer of loose connective tissue that serves as a glue to hold the peritoneum to the deep fascia of the abdominal wall or to the outer lining of the GI tract. It may receive different names depending on its location 5. peritoneum

Standing Backbend: Strengthens the arms and upper back while stretching the deep fascia & muscles of the neck, chest, & abs,

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Scarpa’s fascia, or stratum membranosum abdominis, is the deep membranous layer of superficial fascia of the anterior abdominal wall with a high quantity of elastic fibers to protect vital organs in the abdomen. Antonio Scarpa was an Italian anatomist and surgeon who founded the study of orthopaedic surgery. Scarpa noticed a second layer of “condensed substance” that attached to a hernia during observation and believed this deep fascia is what contained the hernia.


Fascia is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers and connects the bones, muscles, organs, and skeletal, blood and lymph vessels ducts of glands and the supportive soft tissue structures in our body. This makes fascia a physiologically very important structure. The deep fascia of the body is richly endowed with nerves. Its sensory receptors that report the presence of pain change in movement, ...


Sagittal section through the lower oblique muscles and inguinal canal. The oblique muscles with external oblique (1) anteriorly and transversus abdominis (2) posteriorly lie superior to the canal and spermatic cord. The subcutaneous fat (3) and deep fascia (4) lie anterior and blend with the external oblique fascia which inferiorly forms the inguinal ligament (5). The psoas muscle and femoral vessels run deep to the canal with the transversus abdominis fascia and peritoneum lying…

Flexor-digitorum-profundis Origin upper 3/4 of the volar and medial surfaces of the body of the ulna, interosseous membrane and deep fascia of the forearm Insertion base of the distal phalanges of the fingers Artery anterior interosseous artery Nerve median (anterior interosseous), muscular branches of ulnar Actions flex hand, interphalangeal joints Antagonist Extensor digitorum muscle


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