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Deer are creatures of habit and if they're used to munching in your yard, they will follow the same path again and again. When you install your deer net fencing, we recommend that you tie white streamers along the fence to show the deer it is there. Once the deer realize the fence is there, they will stop trying to use their well known path, and you can remove the streamers. The streamers are just another way to humanely protect the deer and keep them from running into the new fence.

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DIY yard makeover: front to back

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*This is an amazing well planned raised bed garden 32'x20' that is deer & bird proof. it is chronicled & put up green fencing. also, put up 2 netted roofs (i am definitely doing this), 1 effective for larger birds but small birds were attacking strawberries, so a smaller netting was made (4 days) w/smaller holes.

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to hold up protective netting,,,small jar is great idea to prevent stake from going through

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How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden—An artfully designed double fence keeps deer from jumping into the vegetable garden and also provides an attractive trellis for climbing plants.

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