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Plant guide to keep deer off your lawn | Remove Kerria shrub from list in MD

A Comprehensive Guide to Plants That Repel Deer

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Top Deer-Resistant Plants of the Northwest

Foxglove You can usually count on foxglove to deter deer because it's poisonous. It is also beautiful with its tall spikes of pink, purple, cream, or white blooms in early summer. The most common foxgloves live for only two years, but if you let them drop seed, new plants will come back reliably for years to come. Plant Name: Digitalis selections Growing Conditions: Part shade to sun and moist, well-drained soil Size: To 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide Zones: 4-8, depending on…

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Deer Proof Your Garden and Yard Naturally

Deer-Proof your Garden and Yard Naturally; lots of additional ideas shared in the comments as well :)

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10 Deer-Resistant Plants

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deer proof raised bed gardening | dreaming of... a garden the deer can't get to. Here's an ...

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21 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden and Plants Without Killing Them

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden -- There are a lot of ideas here; the first one is no good, but some of them are interesting. Such as, rotate your repelents; I could try a bunch of diffent home-made ones one after the other.

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Deer-resistant perennial plants for shade, Deer Proof Perennials, ornamental grass plants,

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7 Plants That'll Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

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Deer proofing your garden and flowers, a list of local plants deer tend to avoid in Toledo Ohio by Sue's Etc. Gardening Co

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