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Defamation of Character | Susan Arendsee and Ronald Cornett: Defamation of Character


Please don't forget that slander, libel and defamation of character all carry torts and legal action can be justified and carried through to the fullest. Just remember this while your spreading lies to try and destroy my reputation.

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If your reputation has been badly damaged due to slander or libel, then there are several grounds to file a defamation suit. On the contrary, if someone has filed a defamation suit against you, then you need to use all kinds of weapons to defend yourself. Otherwise, you've to pay a heavy penalty to the plaintiff. Check out this infographic and find out the weapons available to both the plaintiff and defendant.


Sociopathic bullying: Most bullies are sociopaths. They bully those whom they believe are weak physically or those with whom they wish to compete socially through defamation of character disseminated directly by them or their enablers or corroborated by their enablers. Social bullying occurs by word of mouth or through the Internet. Sociopaths often bully individuals of a different race by disseminating negative rumors based on racial stereotypes.


Oftentimes, pride gets in the way of reconciliation. Although the humiliation and defamation of character creates pain in you, learn to walk away from those fights that will get you no where. This is how cyber-bullies gain their power, from the constant back and forth arguing. Don't fuel the fire.


If it's happening to you, take action. we have... sad , we said stop...did it to yourself.

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The Law on Defamation of Character

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